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Poland’s energy transition is accelerating, and the wind power market has been growing rapidly for several years. The new industry will benefit from the local content – that is, Polish companies involved in the production and supply chain. Polish industry has great potential to be a significant player in the global wind power supply chain. However, without a solid, strategic industrial policy focused on RES, including the offshore wind sector in particular, we risk being left behind. The clock is ticking, and immediate action is critical. Therefore, Poland urgently needs a smart action plan directed at supporting the offshore wind supply chain.

In response to these challenges, the Wind Industry Hub Foundation has been established and is beginning its activities to support the building of a strong industry and service base for the wind sector in Poland. The foundation’s goal is to work to improve energy and economic security by ensuring an adequate industrial base in Poland.

With its activities, the Wind Industry Hub will strengthen Polish companies in their expansion into foreign markets and develop the flow of foreign investment into Poland. The Foundation will guarantee the building of strong business relations, knowledge and technology transfer, as well as support the implementation of joint projects between domestic and foreign industrial entities operating in the wind sector. Through cooperation with government administration and support of the business and legal environment, the Foundation will co-create Poland’s coherent industrial policy and the dynamic development of the Polish wind industry. The Foundation’s goals will also include supporting Polish companies and institutions in the implementation of the EU’s policy to strengthen the European industry supplying components for investments in climate-neutral energy technologies.

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Janusz Gajowiecki

Dominika Taranko
Vice President
Managing Director

kom. +48 503 140 467

Piotr Czopek
Vice President

kom. +48 505 268 209

Dr Arkadiusz Sekściński
Vice President

kom. +48 694 429 868
kom. +48 665 110 017

Katarzyna Lewandowska
Administrative specialist

kom. +48 780 560 810

Wind Industry Hub Foundation

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